Brunei Futsal League 2021

The MS ABDB recorded another win over Syahkampong with the result 8-1 in a Group B match that took place at the Bolkiah Garrison Multi-Purpose Hall, yesterday night.


In the first half, MS ABDB in black netted 2 goals by Mohd Zairul Hazmin and Awangku Mohd Jumatatul Aleshahrezan. Syahkampong managed to reduce the gap with a goal in the second half through Md Zainul Ariffin but was soon left behind as MS ABDB added 6 more goals to comfortably win the match. The result MS ABDB 8, Syahkampong 1 placed MS ABDB at the top of Group B with 6 points.



Source: Radio Television Brunei


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