The Bandarku Ceria Programme is the government’s initiative through the Municipal Department as to enliven the atmosphere in the capital and to turn Bandar Seri Begawan into a dynamic and vibrant city. In the morning, the capital was made colourful with various programmes and recreational activities which attracted the public.

This time the Bandarku Ceria programme has its own goal as to create an URBAN PARK atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all walks of life through various activities that can strengthened family institutions, provide business opportunities to the Small Medium Enterprises as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Several ministries in the country also took part in brightening the capital atmosphere.

The ‘Bandarku Ceria Programme – Car Free’ is fully supported by the rakyat and residents in the country. The involvement of the public to join and support in various activities lined up in the early morning proven that the community in the country are more aware towards a healthy living and thus support whatever forms of community activities organised.

Source: Radio Television Brunei