This company is a $27 million joint-venture between a Canadian firm, Viva Pharmaceutical Inc (Viva), the Ministry of Finance and a group of local investors.

Simpor Pharma aims to manufacture over-the-counter halal pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for both local consumption and the export market. The company’s facilities are capable of producing 40 million softgels per day, 50 million tablets per day, 20,000 tonnes of powder and granules per annum and 324 tonnes of cream and gels per annum.

Simpor Pharma is committed to ensure good quality and safety through all the stages of manufacturing of their products. All the finished products are tested beforehand to ensure they meet certain requirements.

The company has more than 100 products comprising of health supplements, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

Several products are already made available at local supermarkets such as Hua Ho Department Stores, Jaya Hypermart and Guardian. Simpor Pharma has also started to export their products since 2014 to several countries including Canada, United States of America, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

The company mainly targets the Muslim market, which has a population of 1.6 billion worldwide, and hopes to leverage on the strong reputation of Brunei Darussalam’s halal certification.

Furthermore, the company currently employs 30 locals, of which 10 are management personnel and 20 are support staff. At full capacity, the company is expected to generate 150-200 jobs. Other than capacity building of locals through knowledge transfer, Simpor Pharma has also sent local staff for training at Viva’s headquarters in Canada.

Other factors influencing the decision to invest in Brunei include the country’s political stability and strategic geographical location to become a hub for exporting halal pharmaceutical products and health supplements to the global market, as it is situated at the centre of the regional market.

Moreover, Brunei’s extensive halal certification process will add value and assurance to Muslim consumers worldwide that the company’s products are halal, of high quality and in compliance with all the relevant health and safety international standards.

Source: Ministry of Finance Brunei Darussalam