Registration for SSSRU Examination Results

The Examination Division of Islamic Studies Department in its press release has announced that the registration to obtain results of Religious Primary School Examination, SSSRU of 1443 Hijrah/2022 through Short Message Service, SMS will be opened tomorrow starting at 10 in the morning.

Candidates, parents or guardians wishing to subscribe to the service should register first through SMS by using mobile phone. Subscribers should type:

KHEU space Reg space Examination Centre Number space Candidate Index Number

And send to 8885555 for DST subscriber or 38666 for Progresif Sendirian Berhad subscribers. Successful registrations will be notified through SMS without any cost.

Examination result SMS will only be sent to registered subscribers. Subscribers will be charged $1 for each SMS examination result received.

Source: Radio Television Brunei