The re-opening of all mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide has now proceeded to the second phase of the de-escalation plans, starting from the Subuh prayer early this morning. The re-opening was based on the media conference on the latest COVID-19 situation in Brunei Darussalam on Saturday, 13th of June on the de-escalation plans in the country.


In an observation by RTB, at a number of mosques, the congregants were seen to adhere to the directives issued among them using the BruHealth Application and carrying out temperature checks at the mosque’s main door as well as performing their ablutions at home before leaving for the mosque. Also practised were physical as well as social distancing and congregants were also bringing along their own large-sized prayer mats. Part from that, congregants were also seen to be wearing face masks and sanitising their hands before entering the prayer hall.


The second phase of the de-escalation plan to allow the five times daily prayers to be performed include the re-opening of suraus in shopping complexes and other suraus. Additional steps include allowing women and children under 15 years old and individuals with yellow registration codes to enter and perform the five times daily prayers. However, the guidelines for performing the Friday prayer is still the same which only allows an individual with green registration codes to enter the mosque, surau and religious hall.


Congregants expressed their gratitude and happiness with the opportunity to once again perform the five times daily prayer albeit having to adhere to the SOP’s stipulated. The congregants interviewed grabbed the opportunity to perform mass prayers at the mosque.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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