CHANGSHA, China, March. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The express delivery industry has undergone fast growth along with the rapid development of electronic commerce over the years, while filling in the information such as addresses and zip codes is still a must when people send mails. Thanks to METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETERMINING MAIL PATH INFORMATION, the PCT patent (Application No: PCT/CN2013/074342) applied by Mr. Hong Yong in China, this tradition may become out of date, allowing the express delivery industry become more intelligent.

Using this method, the sender and receiver can get their latitude and longitude from mobile phones, and register their latitude, longitude and phone numbers in a computer system. The courier could provide pick up service per system notices, the system can figure out a best delivery path and sequence according to receivers’ latitudes and longitudes, and the courier no longer needs to remember locations of a large number of streets and buildings, a less efficient way to dispatch mails. As a result, the sender, the receiver and the courier can rely on the mobile APP to ease the job. Anyone simply can send mails, report or inquire the mail’s location by pressing the cell phone keypad.

The biggest beneficiary of this revolutionary technology is, without doubt, express-delivery companies, because its main purpose is to solve the sorting problems that the address or zip code-based traditional automatic sorting technology could not be completely solved. Once the latitude and longitude of the sender and receiver are registered online, the system can determine the mail path from the collecting courier to the dispatching courier based on the information about the coverage area and the sorting level of each courier pre-set on the electronic map by the express-delivery company in the computer system.

The complete mechanized sorting could be realized by scanning the mail-specific barcode at all sorting points along the whole mail path. Thus, compared with the traditional automatic sorting system, there will be a huge savings in manpower cost each year in sorting global billions of mails. A third-party integration platform based on the patent method allows the mail sender and receiver to choose couriers and let the express delivery company to plan and share the means of transport after mail path calculation.

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