In order to familiarise children to the preschool environment through interaction with preschool teachers and also the school environment for next year, an Orientation Programme for Pre-School Children is currently held in Government primary schools. Yesterday MORNING, the RTB crew took a closer look at several primary schools nationwide.

The Pengkalan Batu Primary School, Brunei Muara District, is among the schools conducting the orientation programme. Pupils are introduced to dental care and body hygiene as well as food. A variety of participatory learning activities has been designed using the creativity of respective pre-school teachers, to provide a happy learning environment.

The Muhammad Alam Primary School in Seria is also one of the schools implementing the Orientation Programme for preschool students in Belait District. Such a programme is held every year to enable parents to prepare their children for the environment and learning in the classroom. The learning activities provided throughout the programme include singing, stories, drawing and games.

Meanwhile, the orientation programme at the Tumpuan Telisai Primary School, Tutong District started with an orientation session in a cheerful and fun learning atmosphere. Among the activities planned is using practical and hands-on methods.  Such a programme is hoped to familiarise preschool children with the environment transition and new experiences from home to school.

While the pupils participating in the orientation programme for preschool children at Rataie Primary School, Temburong District are exposed to the world of early education so that they feel safe and happy upon entering the preschool environment next year. The 4-day orientation held until Thursday, also gives them a new experience and early exposure to self-discipline, class and school environment.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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