AUCKLAND, New Zealand, March 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Fans of Airwheel intelligent unicycle are now spreading throughout the world. From 23rd Feb. to 28th Feb in New Zealand, Airwheel unicycle fans club in New Zealand launched a recruitment program. Those who came to site had an exciting chance to experience Airwheel intelligent scooters.

To fans who have been keen with latest high-tech gears, it was a real treat to join the recruitment of Airwheel electric unicycle club and experience the fresh intelligent personal transporter from 23rd Feb. to 28th Feb.

With flags fluttering in breeze and sunshine kissing the lawn, Airwheel New Zealand club members were having fun on the latest electric unicycles. Among all the eye-catching models, the most popular ones were sleek X8 from the X-series, compact Q1 from the Q-series and S3 from the S-series. Almost everyone attracted to the scene asked for a go of the fresh "intention-controlled" gear.

As a revolutionary personal transporter for short trips, Airwheel electric unicycle responds intelligently to your body movements. One can control the speed by slightly leaning forward or backward and take turns by twisting waist to shift center of gravity. The magic and fun of the latest workout gear have attractive many to put it on their "must-have" lists.

According to sources from site, fans of Airwheel electric unicycles had a chance to win a free X3 after they filled out the application form, which were sponsored by Airwheel New Zealand team.

Although the Airwheel New Zealand club recruitment has ended successfully, those who are interested in Airwheel intelligent scooter are always welcome to contact Airwheel official New Zealand distributor for info of joining the club or get themselves a cool Airwheel electric unicycle.

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