The Islamic Da'wah Centre through the Muallaf or New Converts Development Section continues to provide the necessary knowledge for the new converts by organising guidance classes at every districts. The introduction ceremony for new converts guidance class was held yesterday morning at Kampung Bang Dalam Mosque in Mukim Rambai at Tutong District.

In attendance was Awang Haji Abdul Rajid bin Haji Mohd Salleh, Director of the Islamic Da'wah Centre. The guidance class is part of the charitable effort in developing the Islamic syiar or eminence and expanding as well as strengthening the converts' religious knowledge. This is to ensure that their acts of worship are proper and accepted by Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala.

A tazkirah entitled the advantage of seeking knowledge was delivered by Abdul Rahman bin Haji Ajak, Co-founder of Al-Minhaaj Centre. Under the facilitation of Al-Minhaaj Centre, the guidance class will be once a week for a period of four to 6 months.

The ceremony ran concurrently with donation presentation from Al-Minhaaj Centre and the 'Meraih Berkah' group to 11 new converts family in Kampung Kuala Ungar. The donations were presented by the Director of Islamic Da'wah Centre and Dayang Hajah Florinda binti Haji Mejenis, Head of the 'Meraih Berkah' group.

Source: Radio Television Brunei