90 students of Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Al-Quran Tahfiz Institute, comprising 37 male and 53 female students from secondary, Aliyah Qiraat Diploma levels and Tahfiz graduates were feted at a Khatam Hafaz 30 Juzuk Al-Quran Ceremony or Completing the Memorisation of 30 Chapters of Al-Quran yesterday morning.

The ceremony was highlighted with the reading of lazim verses by hafazan or memorisation and takhtim by the participants. The ceremony coincided with a Dikir Marhaban by year 1 and 2 students of Aliyah Al-Quran Diploma.

The ceremony is a token of appreciation for the students and teachers effort in Al-Quran memorisation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei