The maximum price for eight categories of daily food necessities will be set for the upcoming festive season. According to the Department of Economic Planning and Development, JPKE, the annual initiative is intended to maintain the affordability of selected high-consumption food items used in food preparation over the festive season for 5 weeks from the 1st Ramadhan to 7th Syawal.

The items involved are whole chicken; chicken eggs; butter; margarine; ghee; condensed, evaporated and cream milk; flour as well as condensed, cream and powdered coconut milk. The maximum prices of these goods across major brands are available on JPKE's website and the PenggunaBijak mobile app. This effort is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

JPKE reminds that although the prices set are maximum prices, business are encouraged to be competitive in setting their prices individually to attract consumers. Businesses are advised not to sell above the maximum prices set, while consumers are reminded to spend wisely by making price comparisons and to be aware of various choices and available substitutes in the market to make value-for-money purchase decisions.

Further information can be found at JPKE's application PenggunaBijak / SmartConsumer, or email to or visit their Facebook page AduanPenggunaJPKE or call Talian Darussalam 123 or 2230223 during office hours.

Source: Radio Television Brunei