The Haj Practical Course for intending haj pilgrims who will perform the Haj for 1440 Hijrah/2019 was held simultaneously in the four districts, yesterday morning. The course organised by the Haj Management Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Haj and Umrah Guidance Section aimed to strengthen the understanding of intending haj pilgrims on haj and umrah manasik or revision. In the Brunei Muara District, the course was held at Lambak Kanan Religious School and Sungai Besar Religious School.

The course also gave exposure on compulsory practices and the pillars of haj such as the wearing of ihram, tawaf saie and the stoning of the jamra aside from refining the reading of al-Quranic verses and doas. 34 haj facilitators were appointed this year. The Haj Practical Course is hoped to act as a guidance and knowledge for the intending pilgrims while performing the haj in the holy land.

Source: Radio Television Brunei