The Prime Minister's Office will always be prudent as well as ensure that every expenditure prioritises Value for Money and brings about benefits to the country and people in the short and long-term.

The Prime Minister's Office and the departments under it, with their respective missions and visions will continue to hold onto the concept of Prudent Spending and practise the habit of saving and no wastage. At the same time, the Prime Minister's Office will continue its efforts to increase government revenue through existing services aside from further strengthening the revenue collection system to ensure that the revenue is collected within the set period. Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Haji Awang Abdul Mokti bin Haji Mohd Daud, underscored this in his deliberations on the budget allocation for the Prime Minister's Office and the Departments under it for the Financial Year 2019/2020.

In upholding the Financial Year 2019/2020 budget theme which is Investing in Our Future, the proposed allocation of 425 million 731 thousand 4 hundred dollars based on 4 principles.

Yang Berhormat said that first principle is investment in ensuring public service excellence whereby leadership excellence is always the main focus. Several initiatives have been carried out such as key performance indicator in service delivery specifically for an organisation's productivity improvement and at the same time impacting productivity improvement at the individual level. The initiatives for filling job vacancies at all levels is also actively being carried out with the cooperation of ministries and government departments. Leadership development and capacity building programmes are also continuously conducted as well as executive development programmes for senior government officers, middle management officers and young executives programme.

Secondly, ensuring review and improvement of policies and regulations are always conducted especially regulations which upholds efforts to activate the private sector. The country's ranking for example in the World Bank report on Ease of Doing Business will always be given appropriate attention whereby the Prime Minister's Office will continue to carry out improvements in two indicators pioneered namely Enforcing Contact and Solving Insolvency.

Aside from that, to make the Public Service more cost-effective, measures that can help enhance efficacy of service delivery will continuously be explored such as corporatisation and private partnerships, as well as services that can be coordinated and consolidated.

Thirdly, the strengthening of confidence towards the government through dissemination of information on initiatives and government events including informing about leadership involvement in the international arena. Information dissemination is conducted through several channels either through mass or social media or even information discussion sessions with grassroots leaders. This is to ensure that the society as a whole understands and appreciates every action taken by the government which is solely for the interest of the country's citizens and residents.

And finally, the Prime Minister's Office will also continue to strengthen the enforcement agencies infrastructure and further enhance security assets. In upholding the country's peace and prosperity through united approaches between government agencies, private sector and communities. All shareholders will continue to act in drafting strategies to maintain the political stability, defending the nation's sovereignty as well as link defence and diplomatic capabilities and also the country's preparedness in tackling security threats.

Source: Radio Television Brunei