One of the effective ways in helping to reduce and eradicate crime in the country is by frequently carrying out preventive patrols conducted by the neighbourhood watch, PK.

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year public holiday, the neighbourhood watches of Mukim Kianggeh, Kampung Jaya Bakti / Kampung Jaya Setia / Kampung Burong Pingai Berakas, Kampung Lugu and Katimahar, Kampung Masin, Kampung Lumapas ‘B’ and Mukim Amo, Temburong conducted such patrols, on 5th February night.

Aside from patrols, the operation named ‘Stop, Talk And Search’ was also conducted on individuals met during the patrols. The patrols did not find any suspicious criminal activities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei