The Program 'AwasiAnakKitani' or Monitor Our Children program is hoped to further enhance the awareness among parents on the importance of monitoring their children from negative symptoms of drug abuse as well as issues related to national security. The program organized by the Information Department in collaboration with several agencies in the country was held at MukimLamunin, yesterday morning.

In attendance was Awang Haji Haizul Rizal bin Haji Yahya, Acting Assistant Tutong District Officer. More than 70 residents in MukimLamunin attended the programme which was highlighted by several briefings and exhibition. The briefing organised by the Internal Security Department among other things touched on the role and responsibilities of the department including issues related to national security. Meanwhile, Syarikat IT Protective Security Services SdnBhd delivered a briefing on cyber threat and crimes as well as guidance for parents on monitoring the use of IT among their children. The Narcotics Bureau Control explained the worsening cases of drug abuse in the community and the need to handle the problem seriously.

Source: Radio Television Brunei