The Ministry of Finance and Economy and Departments Under it yesterday afternoon held a Special Religious talk in conjunction with the MaulidurRasul Celebration. The function was held at the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

In attendance was Dato Seri PadukaAwangAhmaddin bin Haji AbdRahman, Deputy Minister of Finance at the Ministry of Finance and Economy. The talk titled 'Lessons from the Messenger of Allah Bring Blessings to the Family' was delivered by Awang Muhammad Yussof bin Haji Abdul Majid, Special Duties Officer at the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The talk highlighted that Prophet Muhammad SallallahuAlaihiWasallam encourages its ummah to live in moderation as the key to happiness in family. The function, one of the ministry's annual activities, was conducted by The Employees Trust Fund.

Source: Radio Television Brunei