Women also joined in, in commemorating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Special MaulidurRasul gatherings for women were held in the Belait, Tutong and Temburong Districts. The talk on ' TarbiyahRasulullahDalamHidupBerkeluarga' or "Lessons from the Messenger of Allah Bring Blessings to the Family" was delivered in the three districts to highlight that Prophet Muhammad is the most perfect example by showing praiseworthy behaviour in cultivating family life.

Present at the ceremony held at the Tutong Civic Centre Complex was DatinDayangHajahMaimunahbinti Haji C.A Mohammad, wife of the Minister of Energy (Energy and Manpower) and Industry. Also present was DayangLunayatibintiTuah, wife of the Tutong District Officer. More than 7 hundred muslimah comprising government officers and staff as well as members of women's associations, mukim and village consultative councils, mosque muslimah and the private sector in the district attended the function. The talk was delivered by DayangNorhayatibinti Haji AbdRahman, invited speaker from the Islamic Da'wah Centre. The talk shared that by practising the Prophet's lessons it will create a family that is prominent in the shaping of a harmonious community and will produce a country that is blessed. The function was highlighted with a dikirmarhaban presentation by the Muslimah of HassanalBolkiah Mosque, Tutong Town.

A similar ceremony was also held at the Kuala Belait Conference Hall. The assembly was joined by DatinDayangHajahRazinaBinti Haji Kassim, wife of the Minister of Education. The talk was delivered by DayangZatiHananibintiDato Seri Setia Haji Rajid, Lecturer from the Al-Minhaaj Centre. The speaker explained the importance of the roles of the husband and wife in a family to their children and also the importance of prayer and al-Quran reading.

A presentation of Da'wah songs from a group secondary school students under the Ministry of Education further enlivened the women's assembly. Also highlighting the function was a dikirmarhaban presentation by a collaboration of members from women's associations, mukim and village consultative council women's bureau, mosque muslimah and new converts from the Belait District.

In the Temburong District, the ceremony was held at the Bangar Town Civic Centre. Present was DatinDayangNurhayana Janis Binti Abdullah, wife of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. A Rawi Presentation glorified the Temburong District Level Women's Assembly. A special talk was delivered by DayangHajahJunainahbinti Haji Gunong, Senior Religious Officer from the Haj Management Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs.

A youth Tausyeh presentation further highlighted the women's assembly, followed by a dikirmarhaban presentation by a collaboration of the women's committee members and winner of the DikirSyarafilAnam Competition organised by the Temburong District Mukim and Village Consultative Councils.

Source: Radio Television Brunei