The production of village products in the Tutong district became the focus of a visit by a delegation from the Mohamed Bolkiah Mosque Muslimah yesterday morning. The delegation was led by Datin Hajah Rosni binti Haji Tungkat, Head of the mosque’s Muslimah.

At Balai Purun Tasek Merimbun, among the products being featured were Virgin Coconut Oil, VCO-based products by the Mukim Tanjong Maya Consultative Council. Meanwhile, the Kampung Bukit Beruang Consultative Council showcased Kuih Siput and Bahulu. The Panchong Village Consultative Council produces lemon grass powders, while the Penabai Kuala Tutong Village Consultative Council produces crackers made from prawn and potatoes.

The Sago factory in Kampung Ukong also became the focus of the visit. The delegation took a closer look at the production process for ambulong and a demonstration on opening Rumbia skin. Ambulong is one of the products made by the Kampung Ukong Consultative Council.

At the Mukim Ukong Community Centre, the delegation handed over donations in the form of cash, prayer necessities and religious books for use by the congregants and Muslimah of Kampung Bukit Mosque in Mukim Ukong. The ceremony coincided with the presentation of donations in the form of clothes and staple food to new converts from the village.

Source: Radio Television Brunei