The implementation of the Public Sector Performance Grading through Star Ranking Programme is hoped to give a positive impact on the country’s Civil Service besides encouraging healthy competition among government departments. The recognition and appreciation given are intended to spur and motivate government agencies and Civil Service employees towards excellent service to realise the goal of Wawasan Perkhidmatan Abad Ke-21 or the 21st Century Service Vision and Wawasan Brunei 2 RIBU 35. The Syariah Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Land Department, Ministry of Development are among the Civil Service agencies which strived to accomplish the best governance and succeeded. They received the 3 Star Rating or 3PSA recently.

In departmental governance, the Syariah Affairs Department applied several practices and values to enhance the quality of its service delivery. In line with the 3 Star rating awarded to it, the department intends to provide better services in order to maintain its excellence.

For the Land Department, accepting public criticism openly, teamwork and always helping each other are among practices used in the governance or administration of the department. The practices generate a positive impact on the department’s performance and service delivery.

The Public Sector Performance Grading through 3 Star Ranking Programme assesses four scopes or areas which are Strategy and Implementation, Policy and Implementation, Human Resource as well as Customer Care. The programme which was launched in 2015 is among the continuous initiatives of the Prime Minister’s Office through the Management Services Department in an effort to enhance the efficiency and excellence of the country’s Civil Service.

Source: Radio Television Brunei