Towards providing detailed exposure for the public regarding the procedures, processes, conditions, roles and responsibilities for the positions of Penghulu Mukim or Ketua Kampung found in the Penghulu Mukim and Ketua Kampung Scheme, a roadshow on the scheme was held yesterday at the Theatre Hall of the Brunei Muara District Office. The roadshow was held specifically for the Brunei Muara district and was held in both morning and afternoon sessions.

The briefing was delivered by Awang Misle bin Haji Abdul Karim, Brunei Muara District Officer. The morning session for Zones 1 and 3 aimed to publicise the vacancies for the positions of Penghulu Mukim and Ketua Kampung which have been advertised starting yesterday until the 31st of October. Members of the public wishing to forward their nominations can obtain the Nomination Form from their respective District Offices.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon's session, the roadshow was extended for Zones 2, 4 and 5. The briefing was also delivered by the Brunei Muara District Officer. Among those present were Yang Berhormat Dayang Nik Hafimi Binti Abdul Haadi and Yang Berhormat Dayang Khairunisa binti Awang Haji Ash'ari, members of the Legislative Council. The roadshow will continue today at 9 in the morning in the Belait District, followed by the Tutong District on Wednesday and Temburong District of Thursday.

Source: Radio Television Brunei