The latest paddy or rice production project between the government and Yaz and Wyn Enterprise is expected to contribute an increase in the country's rice production to about 1,150 tons a year. The signing of agreements for two projects; the Site Lease for the Rice Production Project and the Project To Conduct Electrical Resistivity Thermography (Ert), Install Trial (Tube) Wells And Analysis Of Groundwater Sample were signed between the Agriculture and Agrifood Department, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism and Syarikat Yaz and Wyn Enterprise and Syarikat Preston Geocem Sendirian Berhad. The signing ceremony was held at the department's headquarters in Berakas.

Signing on behalf of the Agriculture and Agrifood Department was Dayang Hajah Aidah binti Haji Hanifah, the Director of Agriculture and Agrifood while the two companies were represented by their respective representatives. The five-year site lease agreement was for the 110 hectares Panchor Murai 'A' and 'B' Agriculture Development Areas. The groundwater exploration and analysis services project agreement is intended to find a usable water source as an alternative to an irrigation system that fulfils the requirements of a specific location which is also cost effective.

The pilot project focuses on 4 identified areas in the country. The commercial scale rice production is among the efforts towards long term increased rice production. The implementation of the large scale project will generate an economy of scale for the purchase agricultural materials or products at lower prices. It will also reduce to cost of producing rice as well as bring higher returns.

Source: Radio Television Brunei