Referring to foreign press news and social media regarding cases of needles found in strawberries in Australia, the Agriculture and Agrifood Department is carrying out monitoring on the entry or importation of strawberries from the said country.

The Agriculture and Agrifood Department has conducted a thorough investigation and contacted the authorities in Australia to obtain verified information. The study has found that Brunei Darussalam does not import strawberries from the affected companies and brands listed and known to be having the issue.

However, the Agriculture and Agrifood Department has taken precautionary measures by temporarily halting the importation of strawberries from Australia until the department has obtained assurances from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources of Australia that fruits exported from the country are safe for consumption. In this regard, commercial import companies are advised to obtain strawberry supplies from suppliers who have been certified safe from other exporting countries.

The Agriculture and Agrifood Department is continuously carrying out monitoring and inspection on the entry of agricultural commodities towards ensuring food safety in the country. The department also advises the public not to be alarmed by information involving cases of needles in strawberries from Australia. For further information, contact the Biosecurity Division, Agriculture and Agrifood Department through telephone number 2382822 extension 2125 or 2127 during office hours.

Source: Radio Television Brunei