The Technical Wells (Darat) of Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn Bhd with Flux O.S Sdn Bhd will be undertaking Well Abandonment on S-210 (near BSP’s Learning Hub) from 13th of June to 27th of June.

Following the operation, a section of road along Jalan Tengah from G14/F14 to G18/F18 will be closed during the activity. Road users are advised to observe safety signage and use the alternative routes. Road users are urged to use Seria highway if there is no requirement to enter the mentioned sites.

The main hazards are uncontrolled release during the abandonment phase and trapped hydrocarbon release from between the casing and from the tubing to the surface. This could further lead to fire and/or explosion if ignition source is available. Road safety is a concern, particularly when section of the main road, Jalan Tengah, is closed. Traffic flow will be disrupted. Also, heavy vehicles will be used for transporting material to rig site.

The Technical Wells (Darat) Management together with Management of Flux O.S Sdn Bhd have taken adequate measures to ensure safe execution of the operation. In the event of emergency, alarm will be sounded. The public is advised not to panic and follow instructions from the public addressing system. The on-duty personnel will collaborate with the government and relevant emergency services to execute emergency response.

The decision to close the road took into account the school holiday period that is low traffic. For enquiries/ concerns regarding the activity, please contact BSP’s Community Hotline: +673 337 5784 Information on BSP’s ongoing operations is available on

Source: Radio Television Brunei