The fourth phase of the Youth Jalinan Kasih 2.0 Programme, the Distribution of Aid is a follow-up of several community activities organised since early last month. Phase One was the making of biscuits, community work in Phase Two and Phase Three was packaging of aid hampers. Phase Four which was the distribution of aid to the needy took place yesterday morning.

The hampers were handed over by Awang Haji Zafri Bin Haji Mohamed, the Acting Director of Youth and Sports. This year the programme is giving aid to low-income individuals who have many dependents. Thirty families have been identified to receive assistance in this year's programme. The Youth Jalinan Kasih 2.0 Programme is organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports through the Youth and Sports Department. It is carried out by the Youth Transformation Community Club at the Youth Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan. The Youth Jalinan Kasih 2.0 Programme is the follow-up to the Caring Brunei Youth Programme which began in 2010. It is organised to provide added value by applying the 'implementation' method for positive effects on the participants and recipients.

Source: Radio Television Brunei