The Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam, OBBD, have passed the Outward Bound International Standard for 2018-2019 session handled by expert from the Outward Bound International, O.B.I. OBBD is labelled as one of the unique Outward Bound that has special features. Awang Haji Rosfazilah bin Haji Yusli, Special Duties Officer Grade One, as the Head of OBBD in an interview with RTB expressed hope that the community in the country especially parents and guardians to put their trust and support for the centre to handle the Outward Bound activities. The test, known as the "Outward Bound Programme Review", is one of the main requirements to all members of the Outward Bound International, O.B.I throughout the world.

According to Awang Haji Rosfazilah, OBBD have fulfilled O.B.I's requirements and guidelines in handling Outward Bound programmes for the community or youth in the country in particular and for the foreign community in general. Such programme also aimed to identify in details the strength and weakness of OBBD as well as its potential as a centre of learning with the concept of outdoor education.

Challenging tropical forest, clean river as well as well as facilities provided by the government are among the factors to attract visitors to the area. OBBD has been through such a programme since 1996 when it was awarded a Temporary Membership License. Three years later, OBBD was awarded the Permanent Membership License after several tests as stipulated by O.B.I.

Source: Radio Television Brunei