The rapid development of industrial sectors in the country have opened more employment opportunities to local. As such in the Restaurant service industry, several locals from various education backgrounds respond the Government's call to work under the non-government sector in order to support themselves and family.

A Fast food franchise restaurant namely the Makan Ceria Sendirian Berhad or known as McDonald's, a subsidiary company under the Royal Brunei Catering has employed more than 160 locals, and giving the priority to the local to work under its two branches which are in Gadong and Jerudong. For the newly employed worker, they need to attend an intensive basic training in order to guarantee the service quality including in the aspects of food security, communication and customer service. According to the Restaurant Operational Manager, if the employer is ready to work hard, the restaurant will guide them to become an excellence employer.

For those who possess a potential to extend their job, they will be given a different training. Their training scheme includes work placement at several McDonald restaurant abroad to enhance their skills and the restaurant is continuously striving to horn the skill potential of their worker.

In fulfilling the needs of the employers, the restaurant is aware in providing care and incentive to the workers. According to the employers, they also received benefits by working in the restaurant service sector. They also added that it is important to have a source of income to support themselves and family. Some of the employers have been working in the restaurant since its first launching in 1992.

The career of the locals has proven that any types of work is done, success is within themselves. Employers from various backgrounds saw their daily task not as an ordinary task, hence shaping their career with potential and skill as well as changing into wider way of thinking.

Source: Radio Television Brunei