Individuals who applied for a Vehicle or Driving Licenses that have been renewed as well as the period of the license applied for, will receive a SMS which can be shown as proof to enforcement officers if they have not received the driving or vehicle licenses. According to the Minister of Transport and Infocommunications, the SMS is issued starting on the 24th August.




According to Land Transport System, SPD data, from the 1st to 22nd of August 2021, there are still more than 1,026 applicants that have registered to renew their Vehicle and Driving Licenses but have not updated their mobile phone numbers and this will affect the delivery and receiving of the renewed licenses.  In ensuring that applicants receive the SMS, the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications urged them to update their mobile phone numbers at ‘’ or contact the Land Transport Department, LTD.




The public are welcomed to renew their Driving and Vehicle Licenses online using the TransportBN application and the ‘’ portal. Applicants also have the option to use the delivery service via Pos Laju.




For those who do not choose for delivery via Pos Laju, they may collect the Driving and Vehicle Licenses from the respective Post Office branches from today. Applicants will be informed of the venue and collection time.




For enquiries, the LTD has also provided Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs to answer any questions from the public on the LTD’s official website at ‘’.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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