Philippines – The recent appearance of tiny shrimps and megamouth sharks along the shorelines of Leyte and Negros Oriental is not connected to the recent 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Mindanao, clarified a fishery technician from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).

According to Philippines News Agency, Johann Tejada, a technical assistant at BFAR-Central Visayas, explained that the washing ashore of these marine creatures is indicative of the clean biodiversity of the coastal water, benefiting the marine life in the area. His comments came after videos showing residents gathering shrimps along the shoreline of Barangay San Vicente in Hindang, Leyte, went viral on social media. Tejada emphasized the quality of seawater and its impact on marine life productivity, dismissing any scientific connection between these occurrences and the earthquake.

Tejada also addressed the emergence of megamouth sharks found ashore at District 2 of Silago, Southern Leyte, Barangay Domolog in Bindoy, Negros Oriental, and Aurora. He stated that giant fish usually wash ashore due to dysfunctional navigational sensory organs, becoming disoriented while chasing their prey. He also noted that marine mammals are vulnerable to being washed ashore due to diseases from ingesting garbage at sea.

In other news, Tejada confirmed that there is no existing red tide ban on Cebu coasts following negative test results in Madridejos seawater. He also mentioned that the 'closed fishing season' for sardines, mackerel, and herrings, effective from November 15 to February 15 next year in the Visayan Sea, is aimed at allowing these species to propagate.

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