MANILA — The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has commenced a Competitive Selection Process (CSP) to procure 400 megawatts (MW) of power supply, in anticipation of escalating energy demands projected for next year.

According to Philippines News Agency, 2023, the CSP follows the department’s issuance of a Certificate of Conformity for Meralco’s DOE-approved Power Supply Procurement Plan. This plan stipulates a 15-year power supply agreement (PSA) aimed at meeting Meralco’s mid-merit energy requirements, set to begin on August 26, 2025. The DOE has strongly encouraged participation from natural-gas-fired power plants and emphasized the priority use of indigenous natural gas sources in the bidding process.

The Meralco Bids and Awards Committee for the Power Supply Agreements (BAC-PSA) is actively inviting power generation companies to join the bidding. The timeline for this process includes a submission deadline for Expressions of Interest by July 1, 2024, a pre-bid conference on July 11, 2024, and the final bid submission deadline on August 9, 2024.

In his statement on Friday, Lawrence Fernandez, chairman of Meralco BAC-PSA, highlighted the initiative’s alignment with Meralco’s commitment to securing reliable, sufficient, and cost-competitive power. “This CSP is consistent with Meralco’s efforts to secure reliable, sufficient, and cost-competitive power for customers through a competitive and transparent bidding process,” he stated.

This bidding is one of three ongoing CSPs that Meralco is conducting to fulfill its upcoming supply requirements, which also include a 500 MW mid-merit renewable energy capacity and a 600 MW baseload supply.

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