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FIFA President Dismisses Proposal for Blue Cards in Football

GLASGOW — FIFA President Gianni Infantino has firmly dismissed the proposal to introduce blue cards into football. Speaking in Scotland, ahead of a meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) at Loch Lomond, Infantino clarified FIFA's stance against the addition of blue cards, which had been suggested as a new measure to penalize dissent and cynical fouls by temporarily sending players off for 10 minutes.

According to Philippines News Agency, the idea of implementing blue cards at the elite level of football is not under consideration. He emphasized that while FIFA remains open to exploring new ideas and proposals that could enhance the game, it is crucial to maintain the essence and tradition of football. Currently, sin bins, similar to the proposed function of blue cards, are utilized in grassroots football at lower levels, but FIFA's recent statement makes it clear that such changes will not be extended to higher tiers of the sport.

The FIFA President's remarks set the stage for discussions on potential rule changes and innovations in football governance, highlighting a cautious approach to altering the fundamental aspects of the game.