DTI Anticipates Stronger Business Ties with US Following Trade Mission

QUEZON CITY, Philippines - The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has announced its expectation for strengthened business partnerships between the Philippines and the United States, in anticipation of a high-level US trade and investment mission scheduled to arrive in the country next week.

According to Philippines News Agency, the mission will consist of 22 business delegates, including C-level representatives from strategic sectors, aimed at enhancing trade and investment relations between the two nations.

The initiative, as outlined during a weekly news forum in Quezon City, seeks to foster meaningful commercial partnerships by connecting the Philippine business sector with their American counterparts. The forthcoming visit is led by US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, who will join the delegation in meetings with Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual on March 11-12.

Llaneza highlighted the significance of the United States as one of the Philippines' top three trading partners, alongside Japan and China. The visit by the US trade mission follows President Marcos' trip to the United States in May of the previous year and reflects both countries' ongoing commitment to deepen their commercial relationship.

The White House confirmed the participation of 22 high-level business executives in the delegation, indicating a focused effort to explore business opportunities within the Philippines. Raimondo's agenda also includes engagements with the Private Sector Advisory Council and various Philippine business organizations, underscoring the mission's broad scope in fostering bilateral trade and investment growth.