A man and 4 women including an 18-year old were detained by the Narcotics Control Bureau, NCB in an operation dubbed ‘Black Widow’ targeting drug trafficking activity conducted on the 27th of August in Belait District. According to NCB’s press release, the drug trafficking activity was masterminded by 2 siblings aged 41 and 33.


From the operation, NCB seized a number of packets containing Syabu or methylamphetamine weighing 57.4 grammes with a market value exceeding $11,000 that can cater to over 2,000 people.


Also seized were cash amounting to $19,942; 5 cars; furniture; jewellery; mobile phones; and blank driving licences believed to be proceeds of drug trafficking activities.


All individuals will be investigated under various sections as follow:

– Section 3 of the Criminal Asset Recovery Order 2012 for the offence of money laundering;

– Section 3A of the Misuse of Drugs Act, MDA, Chapter 27 for the possession of controlled drugs for the purpose of trafficking;

– Section 6A of the MDA, Chapter 27 for the possession of controlled drugs;

– Section 6B of the MDA, Chapter 27 for the consumption of controlled drugs; and

– Section 10 of the MDA, Chapter 27 for abetment of offences.


In the operation, a foreign worker was also found to be violating directives from ministries on COVID-19 preventive measures.


Although Brunei Darussalam is facing the second wave of COVID-19, drug traffickers still carry out drug trafficking activities regardless of the need to tackle the pandemic in an integrated manner. Such activities are not only against the law and can bring social ills, it can also threaten public health.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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