Improve Teacher’s Welfare

  Teaching and learning methods that are carried out online due to the spread of COVID-19 in the country have had an impact on the mental well-being of teachers and school leaders. In this regard, the Ministry of Education through the School Leaders and Teachers Welfare Unit has implemented a counselling service called Talian Sejahtera … Read more

‘School Assessed Grades’ is comparable with Aboard Examination Bodies

The implementation of written examination for Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘O’,AS’,’A’ levels and IGCSE for October/November 2021 sessions will be replaced with the School Assessed Grades, SAG. The assessment methodology is an alternative evaluation of Cambridge Assessment International Education for countries that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Acting Director of Examination, Department … Read more

Launching Of Environmental Education Tour Project

Brunei Darussalam is adopting a whole-of-nation approach through the adoption of the Brunei National Climate Change Policy, BNCCP, to achieve a low carbon and climate-resilient nation. According to Minister of Development, this requires policy adoption across different sectors, and commitment by all stakeholders through careful planning and implementation. Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Ingenieur Awang … Read more

Technical & Vocational Education Scholarship Scheme Application Results

  The results of applications for the Technical and Vocational Education Scholarship Scheme, BPTV for the 2021/2022 Academic Session were released on 3rd October. The Ministry of Education in its Press Release informed that the results for the Scholarship Scheme can be obtained by browsing the official Ministry of Education website: ‘’.   Offer letters … Read more

Effective Communication Vital for Special Needs Student’s Learning

  Effective communication is importance to ensure special needs children can follow online teaching and learning, more so in this new normals.   According to Awang Eddy Fazlin bin Haji Amdan, Acting Head of the Special Education, Department of Special Education, Ministry of Education, cooperation from parents and guardians is highly important in together ensuring … Read more

5th ASEAN Plus Three Education Ministers Meeting

The Ministry of Education Digital Transformation Plan is a long-term strategy in implementing digital learning as a new normal in the education system in Brunei Darussalam. In supporting the strategy, the Minister of Education stated three main areas were given priority, namely; Educational Technology, Management Technology, and Enabling Policies and Infrastructure. Yang Berhormat Dato Seri … Read more

‘Mindtrex Academy’ Application helps to understand Children’s Learning

With the technology available today, online learning is no longer an uncommon thing. Mindtrex Academy believes that with the available technology, it is able to deliver quality learning content to the public in a more efficient way especially to students. This year, Mindtrex has launched an app called Mindtrex Academy to help students learn online. … Read more

Teachers Need To Be Open and Proactive In Diversifying Teaching Method Strategies

Teachers need to be open and proactive in diversifying teaching method strategies. According to Dayang Norliza binti Haji Zaini, Head of I know I can FOR Special Education Programme, Pantai Berakas Primary School. As a recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2018, said that as a teacher she will continue to search for learning … Read more

Quality Teachers drive towards a Developed Nation

    Teacher is a social architect who possesses agenda in carrying out the process of education effectively in order to produce a student with identity, knowledge and takwa. Without quality teachers, it is difficult to succeed in any development and formation of the discipline as planned. This was among shared by the Assistant Senior … Read more

Quality Education is the Core of a Student’s Excellence

  In conjunction with the 31st Teacher’s Day Celebration, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs held the An-Nur Special Forum broadcast at RTB Perdana, RTB Sukmaindera and RTBGo. The Forum titled ‘Pendidikan Berkualiti Teras Kecemerlangan Pelajar’ or Quality Education Is the Core of a Student’s Excellence among others focusing on the duty … Read more

Quality Education and Teachers Can Produce Excellent Students

  Quality education covers aspects of pedagogy and the development of education holistically to produce students who are balanced intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. In line with the dynamic global currents of change, the education system in the country needs to be adapted to the development of students and the current needs as well as … Read more