Companies that purchase used or scrap metal are urged not to deal with suspicious individuals, especially iron or copper materials of unknown origin, as it may be procured through illicit activities such as theft. The matter was highlighted as the Royal Brunei Police Force apprehended two foreigners who are involved in telecommunication cable theft belonging to UNN several days ago in Temburong District.


The Royal Brunei Police Force also found that a number of scrap metal companies in the country are believed to be receiving or storing items from burglary activities or cable theft.


Hence, the Royal Brunei Police Force stressed the public and scrap metal companies that it is an offence under Section 411 of the Penal Code, Chapter 22 for dishonestly receiving stolen property, which if found guilty, will lead to imprisonment for a term up to 3 years or a fine or both. Scrap metal businesses and exporters are reminded to always adhere to regulations and obtain export permits to avoid from legal action being taken.


Source: Radio Television Brunei

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