Antique Province Hosts Athletic Meet with Nearly 2000 Young Competitors

SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA - Nearly two thousand young athletes have converged in Antique for the Provincial Athletic Association Meet, competing across multiple sports disciplines despite challenging weather conditions. The event, which commenced at the Binirayan gymnasium, showcases the talents of students from various clusters within the province, all vying for top honors.

According to Philippines News Agency, the meet attracted 1,773 learners from different educational institutions, organized into clusters based on their geographical locations. These clusters represent a range of municipalities, each bringing forward their best athletes to compete in a series of events spanning from Wednesday through Friday, with closing ceremonies scheduled for April 6.

The competition kicked off energetically, with notable performances such as Cluster 1's triumph in Futsal for girls at the secondary level and Cluster 2's victory in elementary boys' basketball. Participants are contending in 23 different sporting events, under the observation of 544 technical officials across several venues, including the primary Binirayan gymnasium and the University of Antique.

Nicasio Frio, the Department of Education Schools Divisions Superintendent, highlighted adaptations made to the event's schedule to account for the intense heat, including restricting outdoor activities during peak temperature hours to safeguard the athletes' well-being.

The local government has allocated PHP 3.52 million to fund this significant athletic endeavor, aiming to foster sportsmanship and physical prowess among the youth. Although no monetary rewards are on offer, the athletes are striving for medals and the opportunity to represent Antique at the Western Visayas Regional Athletic Meet and potentially the national Palarong Pambansa.