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Ankara Medical School Utilizes ‘Zap-X’ Technology to Prevent Deafness in Tumor Patient

ANKARA — Hacettepe University Medical School in Ankara, Turkey, has successfully utilized an advanced robotic device, Zap-X, to halt the progression of hearing loss in an elderly patient suffering from a tumor affecting auditory functions.

According to Philippines News Agency, Dr. Gokhan Ozyigit, the Zap-X gyroscopic radiosurgery device has been employed for the first time at the institution to treat patients like Gunsel Karaca, a 64-year-old retired English teacher. Karaca was struggling with an acoustic neuroma, a tumor located on the nerves responsible for hearing and balance. The application of Zap-X has successfully stopped the growth of her tumor, thereby saving her from the risk of total hearing loss.

Dr. Ozyigit highlighted the unique capabilities of the Zap-X device, which allows for highly precise treatment of tumors that are difficult to remove surgically, particularly those affecting the auditory nerve. Traditional surgery in this area risks further deterioration of hearing. However, with Zap-X, patients experience a preservation of their current hearing levels and prevent the tumor's growth without undergoing surgery.

The treatment with Zap-X, which utilizes ionizing radiation, is non-invasive and takes only half an hour. Dr. Ozyigit emphasized the benign nature of acoustic neuromas but noted the serious health risks they pose if they grow large enough to compress the brainstem. He also mentioned the added comfort for patients, who can listen to music during the procedure and return to their normal lives immediately afterward without any surgical intervention.

Dr. Gozde Yazici, another member of the radiation oncology department, pointed out that Zap-X is currently limited to treating tumors in the upper parts of the head and neck. However, advancements are expected to extend its applicability to lower regions. She stressed the significant reduction in adverse effects provided by the technology, which is also showing promise for certain eye tumors, potentially allowing for treatment while preserving the patient's sight.

Patient Gunsel Karaca shared her experience with Zap-X treatment, detailing her initial symptoms of hearing loss and vertigo that were initially overlooked. After various consultations and an eventual diagnosis at Hacettepe University Medical School, Karaca underwent treatment with Zap-X 1.5 months ago. She expressed her happiness and relief at being able to lead an active life again without experiencing any side effects from the treatment, underscoring the technology's impact on her quality of life.