SIBAGAT, AGUSAN DEL SUR — In anticipation of the upcoming rainy season and the expected impact of La Niña, the town of Sibagat in Agusan del Sur has readied 43 evacuation centers across various villages to safeguard residents from potential flooding and other calamities.

According to Philippines News Agency, these centers are strategically located for easy access and are capable of sheltering up to 2,885 families. He highlighted that each center has assigned personnel to manage the facilities efficiently. Notably, ten of these centers are in the Poblacion area, where they can accommodate over 1,000 families.

Sombrio mentioned that some centers require additional improvements to adequately protect evacuees from heavy rains, such as roofing extensions. The town is actively working on these enhancements to ensure complete readiness. Mercedito Polistico, who oversees one of the evacuation centers in Poblacion, confirmed the local government’s commitment to providing necessary support during disasters. He described the facilities at the Sibagat Center for Culture and Arts, which include a kitchen for food preparation and a medical treatment room.

The town, previously affected by flooding in February due to a low-pressure area, remains vigilant, particularly monitoring the Wawa and Sibagat Rivers, known to swell during heavy rainfall. The local disaster management office continues to prioritize the safety and preparedness of the community in face of the impending rainy season.

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