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Tutong District Ethnic Culture Festival

The Tutong District Ethnic Culture Festival is a platform to gather and unite communities from different backgrounds and ethnicity in the said district. The festival was held for the first time, 18th September night, carrying the theme ‘Kebudayaan Menyatupadukan Masyarakat’ or Culture Unites Community. It was organised by the Tutong District Penghulu Mukim and Village Chief Institution at the Tutong District Civic Centre Complex.


Among those present was Awang Ajmin bin Haji Meludin, Acting Tutong District Officer. The festival’s goal was to strengthen relations and introduce the unique ethnic cultures of Brunei. 12 performances were held which gathered ethnic groups and communities from villages in Tutong District including Tutong, Kedayan and Dusun ethic groups as well as the Tiong Hwa and Iban communities. Each group or community showcased their unique culture through dance performances, clothing and music.


10 per cent of the festival’s dinner proceeds will be donated to the Tutong District Orphans Welfare Fund.



Source: Radio Television Brunei