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The Social Kitchen Programme

As a support and appreciation for the frontliners sacrifices in controlling COVID-19 infection in the country, the Society For Community Outreach And Training, SCOT, continue to organise the Social Kitchen Programme which provides food packs for frontliners. First implemented last year when the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and following the encouraging response from the public, the program continues to be implemented.


The Social Kitchen Programme acts as the SCOT’s initiative in providing opportunity to the public to mutually contribute and appreciate the frontliners. According to DAYang Amal Nisyyah Binti Haji Abdul Mulok, the SCOT Member, the donation can be made through BIBD application, or through the Community For Brunei’s website at ‘www.communityforbrunei.com’ OR via Bank Transfer to SCOT BIBD account.


For more information on social kitchen programme, the public can contact via WhatsApp at 827 9805 or through instragram ‘@scot_brunei’.


The provision of food packs is held at the Crust and Crumbs Foodstore, located in Jalan Utama Berakas by following the guidelines advised by the Ministry of Health. The food packs are prepared by SCOT members and assisted by single mothers.


Awang Abdul Azim Bin Haji Zulkifli, the SCOT Member said that as for the delivery of food packs, SCOT members in cooperation with youth volunteers will distribute the food packs to frontliners at the health and swabs centres in the country.


Source: Radio Television Brunei