Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei – A significant Spine Symposium was held on the morning of 26th November at the Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre, PJSC, focusing on the prevalence and impact of spine disorders. The event brought together experts and the public to discuss spinal health issues.

According to Radio Television Brunei, Permanent Secretary for Professional at the Ministry of Health, who spoke at the symposium, an estimated one billion people globally suffer from spinal pain, with around 540 million experiencing it at any given time. He emphasized the importance of public involvement in promoting spinal health, even in the presence of advanced diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation facilities. Doctor Ang Swee Hui, in his speech, stressed the role of lifestyle changes and regular physical activity in maintaining a healthy spine. The symposium covered three main topics: assessment of back pain, Degenerative Disc Disease with Lumbar Canal Stenosis, and the role of surgery in Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease.

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