School Season Preparations

Ahead of the First School Term which is only less than 2 weeks away, parents are usually very busy with their children’s school preparations. The busyness is also borne by the teachers who prepare for the arrival of new students, starting on 3rd January, 2023. RTB took a closer look at the preparations at several schools in the country.
At Saba Darat Primary School, the teachers were busy in facing the upcoming school season. Among the early preparations of the teachers is to ensure that the school infrastructure such as classrooms and school equipment are in good condition, as well as the provision of learning aids that are suitable for learning.
At Pengiran Setia Negara Pengiran Mohd Yusof Primary School, Seria, in Belait District, several early planning in terms of learning and activities are prepared to boost students’ enthusiasm to focus and have a comfortable environment during schooling in 2023.
Meanwhile, some preparations for the reopening of schools next year are also being actively carried out at Penanjong Primary School in Tutong. Among those conducted include setting up classes for special education students, besides providing several activities during the opening of school in early 2023.
In Temburong District, RTB crew inspected school preparations at Sultan Hashim Primary School in Batu Apoi. Apart from cleaning and improving inside and outside the classroom, a conducive environment is indeed important and has a positive impact on learning, especially a comfortable and attractive classroom.

Source: Radio Television Brunei