Protect the industrial park to keep production stable

Strategic Decisions

Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee Vuong Quoc Tuan said that Bac Ninh has 10 industrial parks that have been put into operation, attracting nearly 1,200 enterprises in production and business; including many large corporations. Workers in industrial parks have a great connection and exchange with the residential community, which is a favorable environment for disease transmission from the community to the industrial park and vice versa. If the disease is not well controlled, it will disrupt supply chains and seriously affect the economy.

With the determination to protect industrial zones, stable production “strongholds” and maintain supply chains, the province has implemented a series of strong measures such as focusing on zoning, blockade, social distancing and isolation. associations in each locality in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister. The province completes the scenarios, activates the epidemic prevention and control system from the province to the grassroots; establish an Information Analysis Team to analyze data sources, propose tracing, testing and assess the risk of spread, and promptly take appropriate handling measures. 100% of businesses must develop a plan for epidemic prevention and control…

Bac Ninh province held meetings of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 disease prevention and control and made the “correct” decision to suspend the use of experts. , workers from Bac Giang province to Bac Ninh and from Bac Ninh to Bac Giang to work.

With the active participation of the authorities, Bac Ninh has checked over 30,000 workers and experts from Bac Giang daily to Bac Ninh to work and more than 3,000 daily workers from Bac Ninh to Bac Giang to work. ; At the same time, it is recommended that workers related to Bac Giang industrial park self-isolate at home and undergo extensive testing for SARS-CoV-2. Although businesses have difficulties in organizing production and human resources, this policy contributes to protecting production and workers, avoiding the formation of new outbreaks, breaking through the “front line” of the region. industry, Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee emphasized.

Bac Ninh province has requested businesses to urgently activate the entire disease prevention and control system, establishing over 7,600 community COVID groups with over 30,000 members; conduct tracing, testing and screening of all high-risk subjects in the enterprise and testing once a week at least 10% of the total number of people.

“In particular, Bac Ninh province has consulted the Prime Minister to make an “unprecedented” decision requiring businesses to deploy in-house workers to work at factories in Bac Ninh province. ; strictly manage workers in the factory and other workers are monitored and monitored like cases of F2. This policy was quickly supported by businesses,” said Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee.

According to the Standing Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh Province, to implement this option, businesses need to ensure conditions for workers to eat and live at the factory; at the same time, require businesses to sign a commitment that all people entering and leaving the company must comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control; reduce the number of workers, organize rapid testing, if negative, they will be allowed to work. During work, after 3 days, workers will have to test by PCR. In order to support businesses with accommodation, Bac Ninh province has inspected all schools and housing areas to arrange temporary accommodation for workers.

Regarding disease prevention and control in workers’ hostels, the province assigned the Chairman of the district-level People’s Committee to strictly manage all hostels in the area, establish a COVID safety team at the inns, develop a plan to isolate workers at the hostel. Accordingly, the inn owner signed a commitment to manage tenant workers not to leave the inn, ensuring that essential needs are served on the spot.

In order to timely support businesses, Bac Ninh province has set up 40 working groups to inspect and guide safety conditions for epidemic prevention and control at enterprises in industrial parks. Teams will base themselves on the self-assessment of enterprises to check the actual conditions of epidemic prevention and control at enterprises, from which to advise and propose, Bac Ninh will suspend and close production facilities. until the requirements on COVID-19 prevention and control are met.

Adaptive business

Following the instructions of Bac Ninh province, businesses in Bac Ninh province quickly developed scenarios to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic, organized production and arranged accommodation, strictly managed workers and employees. labor.

To prevent and control the epidemic, Tabuchi Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd., Dai Dong – Hoan Son industrial park, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province promoted propaganda for workers and employees. The central areas of the factory, the common area, the dining room all have posters with information about the COVID-19 epidemic and recommendations of the Ministry of Health. The company updates the epidemic situation at the bulletin board, organizes training courses, guides the COVID Safety Team in the enterprise about the COVID-19 epidemic and how to prevent it, to convey information to each employee in the organization. mine.

Implementing the plan for disease prevention and control, in industrial parks, the company has conducted COVID-19 testing for workers, made plans, developed plans to respond to the epidemic, arranged temporary isolation rooms. and equip the necessary equipment. Require employees to make medical declarations, daily travel schedules, limit going out when not necessary…

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Long, Head of Administration and Human Resources Department of Tabuchi Electrics Vietnam Co., Ltd., said that in the spirit of the government’s direction, although workers do not have dormitories, the company does its best to contribute to the contribution. part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. From the evening of June 1, the company organized for workers to stay at the factory. To ensure the living needs of workers, the company purchases personal equipment such as mattresses and curtains, and supports each worker 300,000 VND to buy personal items. Up to now, the company has arranged accommodation and has 800/1,400 employees living and working in the factory. The departments that do not directly work will arrange to work online to save the 3-storey office building as accommodation for workers.

Similarly, Goertek Vina Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Que Vo industrial park, Nam Son ward, Bac Ninh city has over 29,000 workers. Currently, the company is arranging for 3,000 workers to work. Mr. George Jiang, General Director of the company shared, before the complicated epidemic situation, the company received a lot of support from the leaders of Bac Ninh province. Accompanying the province, from June 1, the company has arranged 3,000 dormitories for workers. However, with a large workload and many orders, the company is constantly adding more human resources.

“We will receive job applications from employees, arrange for SARS-CoV-2 testing for all workers, only after being negative for 2 times will be allowed to work and have a plan to arrange accommodation for them. worker. Despite the difficult epidemic situation, I believe that with the involvement of all levels of government, along with strict implementation of disease prevention and control by businesses and workers, the epidemic will soon be controlled. Director of Goertek Vina Science and Technology Co., Ltd. information.

Mr. Vi Van Quang, a native of Loc Binh, Lang Son province, a worker working at Goertek Vina Science and Technology Co., Ltd. said that in the past time, epidemics occurred in businesses, he was very worried about the future. not go to work. In particular, because his hometown is far away, every month he has to spend a lot of money on renting a motel, plus living expenses, so living conditions are difficult. Up to now, after having the policy of both working and staying in the factory, he is very supportive. After living here for 3 days, he found the living conditions to be very good. He does not have to spend time traveling, in addition, each worker who comes here is provided with 3 meals by the company, an additional 150,000 VND/day support and can buy some personal equipment such as mattresses, tents. , pots, towels…

Ms. Do Thi Doan, a native of Que Vo district, a worker at the same company, shared that living in a new environment, she feels very comfortable. Although she lives in a group, she still has her personal space. Especially, when working in this environment, you will feel more secure in disease prevention and control. Here, she will strictly abide by all regulations on disease prevention and control, strive to produce, overcome difficulties with the company, and work with the whole province to soon repel the epidemic.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

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