Price Control Act Violation


Nine compound fines and six warning notices were issued to several business companies for violating the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 and the Regulations under it. The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics, DEPS, Ministry of Finance and Economy in its press release stated that the findings were from the DEPS daily routine enforcement through the Department of Consumer Affairs.

The companies were found to have committed an offence under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142, namely selling price-controlled items such as cooking oil and infant formula milk powder as well as subsidized items such as glutinous rice, exceeding the maximum set price; not displaying price tags for some items sold in the business premises and displaying price tags that are confusing and inconsistent with the prices recorded in the payment system.

DEPS in the meantime welcomes any complaint to be channelled through the correct method and official channel with supporting documents such as payment receipts and photos as evidence, to help carry out any follow-up action. More information on the Price Control Act, Chapter 142 can be obtained through the PenggunaBijak mobile application or the DEPS website,



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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