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President Marcos Questions ICC Jurisdiction Over Philippines

Taguig City, Philippines – President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expressed concerns over the International Criminal Court's (ICC) jurisdiction over the Philippines, commenting on a recent House of Representatives resolution that urges his administration to cooperate with the ICC's investigation into the war on drugs initiated by his predecessor, former President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

According to Philippines News Agency, during an interview at an event in Taguig City, the question of the ICC's jurisdiction and sovereignty issues are "problematic" and fundamental. He pointed out that the Philippines' withdrawal from the Rome Statute a few years ago raises questions about the feasibility of ICC's jurisdiction over the country. The President mentioned that the possibility of the Philippines rejoining the ICC is currently under review.

Marcos emphasized the Philippines' capability to handle its internal affairs, including matters related to Duterte's anti-narcotics campaign. He stressed that it is not appropriate for external entities to intervene in the country's domestic issues. The President underscored the roles of the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Justice in handling such matters, reaffirming his stance against foreign interference in the country’s judicial processes.

House Resolution 1477, authored by House Human Rights Panel Chairperson Bienvenido Abante Jr. and 1-Rider Party-list Rep. Ramon Rodrigo Gutierrez, along with a similar resolution by the Makabayan bloc, calls for the Marcos administration's cooperation with the ICC. This comes in the wake of the ICC's ongoing investigation into alleged crimes against humanity committed during Duterte's term.

President Marcos had previously stated in July that the Philippine government would not engage with the ICC following its decision to continue the investigation into Duterte's drug war. The Philippines formally severed ties with the ICC in March 2019, a year after Duterte ordered the termination of the Rome Statute.