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President Marcos Calls for Kindness and Reflection During Holy Week

MANILA - President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has urged Filipinos to embrace the spirit of Holy Week by demonstrating kindness and selflessness, emphasizing the importance of this period for reflection and spiritual growth. In his message for the commencement of Holy Week, observed from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, Marcos highlighted the significance of this time for the predominantly Catholic Philippines, which boasts the third-largest Catholic population globally.

According to Philippines News Agency, Holy Week serves as a profound opportunity for Catholics to commemorate the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, urging the faithful to delve into the essence of their beliefs and enact positive change through their actions. He stressed the importance of humility and acceptance of human imperfection as a conduit to experiencing the divine.

The president's message underscored the dual nature of Holy Week as a time for both inward contemplation and outward expression of faith through acts of charity and kindness. Marcos encouraged Filipinos to ponder life's mysteries and find meaning in the interplay of joy and sorrow, drawing inspiration from the fundamental teachings of Christianity.

Marcos further articulated his vision for the Filipino people to become beacons of hope and compassion, particularly in challenging times. He aspired for the community's Holy Week observances to translate into acts that kindle light in others' lives, advocating for love and hope to prevail over despair.

In concluding his message, President Marcos expressed his aspiration for the Catholic community to be remembered not merely for personal achievements but for the positive impact they have on others, reinforcing the message of Holy Week as a catalyst for communal solidarity and benevolence.