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Philippine President Acknowledges India’s Rescue of Filipino Seafarers

MANILA—President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expressed his gratitude to India for the rescue of Filipino seafarers aboard the MV True Confidence, following an attack in the Gulf of Aden on March 6. The appreciation was conveyed during Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar's visit to Malacañang Palace.

According to Philippines News Agency, President Marcos lauded the Indian government's prompt and decisive response to the incident involving the Houthi rebels' assault, which resulted in the rescue of the ship's crew, including Filipino nationals. The collaboration underscored by this act of assistance is seen as a significant gesture, reinforcing the diplomatic bonds between the Philippines and India.

The event was an occasion for high-ranking officials from both nations to engage, reflecting the mutual interest in bolstering bilateral ties. In attendance were notable Philippine and Indian officials, acknowledging the collaborative effort that facilitated the rescue and care of the attacked vessel's crew.

The Indian Navy's medical team played a crucial role in providing immediate care to the survivors, ensuring their safety amidst the crisis. Regrettably, the assault claimed the lives of three crew members, including two Filipinos. Following the incident, all surviving Filipino seafarers were successfully repatriated, marking a somber yet crucial operation in safeguarding nationals abroad.