Based on statistics from the Da’wah Propagation Division, Islamic Da’wah Centre, in 2020, 436 people have chosen Islam as their way of life. The number shows an increase compared to the statistics in 2019 which recorded 347 people.


From January to July this year, 233 people have converted to Islam from the four districts. From the figure, Brunei Muara District recorded the highest number with 121 people, followed by Tutong District with 52, 41 from the Belait District and 19 people in Temburong District.


Of the 233 people converted to Islam, the Filipinos recorded the highest number with 61 people, followed by the Ibans with 60 people, Dusun 55 people, Chinese 33 people, 8 people of other races, 5 Europeans, 4 Murut ethnic and 3 Bisayas.


Islamic eminence in the country continues to shine and grow with the increasing number of new converts. Following the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country, the Islamic Da’wah Centre through the Da’wah Propagation Division has set new guidelines for the conversion ceremony in jointly curbing the spread of the endemic. Among them, the conversion ceremony is held at the Darul Huda Building, Islamic Da’wah Centre or the Districts’ Da’wah Office during office hours. Attendance should not exceed 10 people and the duration of the ceremony should not exceed 20 minutes.





Source: Radio Television Brunei


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