Locally Produced Quality Animated Videos

The creativity of locals in producing quality animated videos can no longer be disputed. This was proven when a local animator produced 3D animation videos that are well received until it becomes a source of income.


Using 3D animations for over 2 years has enabled Awang Muhammad Izzat bin Haji Ali Hassan to produce creative animated videos. This includes producing commercials and making 3D building models. Awang Muhammad Izzat did not expect his videos to receive encouraging response especially among entrepreneurs who wish to promote their products.


According to Awang Muhammad Izzat, to produce 3D animated videos of quality, it requires patience and positive thinking.


Awang Muhammad Izzat proved that if creativity is fully utilised, it can become a source of income. Hence, the youth is urged to use their creativity to produce something of value to further diversify the country’s creative industry.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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