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LEDAC Pushes for Swift Passage of ARAL Program Act to Address Education Crisis

MANILA, Philippines - The Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) has urgently recommended the enactment of the Academic Recovery and Accessible Learning (ARAL) Program Act by June this year. This call to action is aimed at addressing the significant learning losses suffered by Filipino students due to the pandemic.

According to Philippines News Agency, the ARAL Program Bill, initiated by Senator Sherwin T. Gatchalian, is among the top 20 priority bills that LEDAC urges to be passed imminently. The legislation aims to establish a national program dedicated to helping students reach the appropriate educational standards for their grade levels and to expedite the remediation of the educational setbacks experienced during the pandemic.

LEDAC, serving as an advisory committee to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., plays a pivotal role in identifying and prioritizing legislative measures that are crucial for the Philippines’ socioeconomic development. Among the various sectors under consideration, the improvement of the education system has been highlighted as a key focus in the Philippine Development Report 2023.

NEDA Secretary Arsenio M. Balisacan emphasized the need for a transformative approach in the education sector to solve perennial problems that contribute to low productivity and employment mismatches. Balisacan stressed the urgency of adapting to rapid technological changes to enable Filipino students to meet current and future challenges effectively.

The passage of the ARAL Program Act is seen as a critical step towards equipping students with the necessary support to not only recuperate from their educational losses but also to thrive in an evolving global landscape. The House of Representatives has already shown unanimous support for the initiative, passing its version of the bill on Monday.

In addition to the ARAL Program Act, LEDAC has outlined other priority legislation, including the Anti-Agricultural Economic Sabotage Act, the Philippine Maritime Zones Act, and reforms in government procurement, taxation, and ecosystem management, among others. These bills aim to fortify various sectors and pave the way for comprehensive national development and prosperity.