Head of Iran-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Mahmoud Tohidast said that several Iranian trucks with potatoes and tomatoes for export are stuck behind the common borders with Pakistan and it is not yet clear which country is responsible for the issue, Trend reports via ILNA.

Commenting on the Pakistani government’s plan to open 18 border markets with Iran and Afghanistan, Tohidast said that despite these plans, Pakistan’s government does not have a resort for traders at borders,” Trend reports citing ILNA.

“Therefore, it seems that this issue (opening 18 border markets) will remain on paper,” he said, adding that the construction of a resort for Pakistani businessmen has been discussed for nearly 10 to 15 years.

He went on to say that the construction of 18 border markets with Iran and Afghanistan won’t happen in the coming years, as there is no necessary infrastructure.

Noting that Iranian exporters are struggling with many problems near the Pakistani borders, he added that “now we are facing problems with exports and it is not clear whether this problem originates from Iran or Pakistan.”



Source: TREND News Agency

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